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Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect,

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect

Therefore, Moody green color grading can give your photos a unique and atmospheric look. In other words, Here are the steps to achieve this effect using the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop:

Open Your Image in Photoshop:

  1. However, Open Photoshop and load the image you want to edit.
  2. For instance, Convert your image layer to a Smart Object (right-click the layer and select “Convert to Smart Object”) to allow non-destructive editing.

Open Camera Raw Filter:

  1. Above all, With your image layer selected, go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter. This will open your image in the Camera Raw interface.

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect,

Basic Adjustments:

  1. Exposure: In addition, Adjust to get the desired brightness.
  2. Contrast: Increase contrast to add depth to the image.
  3. Highlights: Lower the highlights to reduce overexposed areas.
  4. Shadows: After that, Lift the shadows to bring out more detail in darker areas.
  5. Whites and Blacks: Adjust these to balance the contrast and exposure further.

Tone Curve:

  1. Go to the Tone Curve panel.
  2. Adjust the Parametric Curve or switch to the Point Curve and create an S-curve to enhance contrast.
  3. In the Point Curve, you can also manipulate the Red, Green, and Blue channels individually to create a moody tone.

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect, HSL Adjustments:

  1. Go to the HSL Adjustments panel.
  2. Hue: Shift the Green hue slightly towards Aqua for a cooler green tone.
  3. Saturation: Reduce the overall saturation of colors except for Green and Aqua to emphasize the moody green look.
  4. Luminance: Lower the luminance of the Green and Aqua colors to deepen the moodiness.

Split Toning:

  1. Go to the Color Grading panel (formerly Split Toning in older versions of Camera Raw).
  2. Select a greenish hue for Shadows and adjust the saturation to your liking.
  3. You can choose a complementary color for Highlights, such as a warm tone, but keep the saturation low.
  4. Adjust the Blending and Balance sliders to fine-tune the mix between highlights and shadows.

Wedding Portrait Moody Green Tone Effect,


  1. Go to the Calibration panel.
  2. Adjust the shadow tint towards Green.
  3. Tweak the Red Primary, Green Primary, and Blue Primary sliders to further refine the color balance and mood of your image.

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Final Adjustments:

  1. Go back to the Basic panel or any other panel to make final tweaks.
  2. Ensure the image looks balanced and the moodiness is consistent across the image.

Wedding Portrait Moody Green, Apply and Save:

  1. Click OK to apply the Camera Raw Filter adjustments.
  2. Save your edited image.

Experiment with these settings to achieve the desired moody green effect. Each image is unique, so adjustments may vary.

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