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Color grading photoshop camera raw, camera raw filter

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw

Color grading Photoshop camera raw, Professional photo editing tutorial

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw, Photoshop Camera Raw Filter
Color grading, Photoshop presets

Hello Everyone,

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do color grading using the Adobe camera raw filter. Knowing the Adobe camera raw filter is essential for professional photo editing. Because photo editing is only possible using camera raw filters.

Click the presets button below to download the Photoshop preset file 📂

Now watch this video 📹 tutorial and click on the video tutorial button to learn the work,

Color grading and color correction are two completely different things. Because color correction is all about solving image problems by adjusting photo exposure, contrast, white balance, and more. That is called color correction.

But learn more about color grading creativity, Color grading is the process of replacing the original colors of an image with more artistic colors and we do this using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom.

The goal of color grading is not always to show reality but to set the mood or tone of the image, convey a sense of atmosphere or fantasy, or give the image a more cinematic look, which we can do very easily using the Adobe camera raw filter.

Color Grading Camera Raw Presets,

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