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Photoshop Camera Raw Filter Editing

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw – Adobe Photoshop

Color grading Photoshop camera raw, Learn professional editing work here. This tutorial is for beginners.

Photoshop Presets Free Download,

Therefore, In this Photoshop tutorial, you learn, How to edit outdoor portrait photos with Artistic color grading in Adobe Photoshop camera raw filter.

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw
Camera Raw Presets Free Download

I will create this color grading camera raw preset file & it is free to download. Please don’t use this preset file for commercial & business purposes. If you want this tutorial, please visit my YouTube channel & watch this tutorial video.

The Camera Raw Filter in Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for editing raw images. Here’s a basic guide on how to use it:

Open your image in Photoshop and go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

In other words, The Camera Raw dialog box will appear. Here, you can make various adjustments to your image, including:

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White Balance: Use the white balance tool to adjust the color temperature and tint of your image. You can also use the dropper tool to select a neutral gray or white point in your image.

Exposure: Adjust the overall brightness of your image using the exposure slider. You can also use the highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks sliders to adjust specific tonal ranges.

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw

Contrast: Increase or decrease the contrast of your image using the contrast slider. You can also use the clarity slider to add mid-tone contrast without affecting highlights and shadows.

Color Grading Photoshop Camera Raw,

Saturation: Adjust the saturation of your image using the saturation slider. You can also use the vibrance slider to saturate colors without affecting skin tones.

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Sharpness: Add sharpness to your image using the sharpness slider. You can also use the radius and detail sliders to fine-tune the sharpness effect.

Once you’ve made your adjustments, click “OK” to apply them to your image. You can also click “Preview” to see how your adjustments will look before applying them.

Camera Raw Filter,

Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial,

If you want to make further adjustments, you can go back into Camera Raw by going to Filter > Camera Raw Filter again. This allows you to make non-destructive edits that can be adjusted at any time without losing any quality or detail in your image.

When you’re satisfied with your edits, click “OK” to apply them and close the Camera Raw dialog box. Your edited image will now appear in Photoshop.

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