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Photo Editing New Presets

HDR Photo Editing New Preset – Photoshop Photo Edit Tutorial

HDR photo editing new preset, Adobe Photoshop camera raw filter 16.0 tutorial for beginners.

Photo Editing New Presets
HDR Camera Raw Presets Free Download

In this Photoshop tutorial, you learn, How to edit outdoor portrait HDR effects using camera raw presets. You learn this editing tutorial, step by step please visit my YouTube channel videos.

I also created this HDR camera raw preset file and shared it here with you. If you use this preset file your photo look is beautiful.

HDR Photo Editing New Preset,

Therefore, High Dynamic Range photography is a technique used to capture a wider range of light and dark values in a scene than what is possible with a single exposure. HDR photos can have a dramatic and surreal look, but they often require post-processing to achieve the desired effect.

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In Photoshop, you can use presets to quickly apply HDR editing styles to your photos. Here’s how:

Open your HDR photo in Photoshop.

Go to the Adjustments panel (Window > Adjustments) and click the HDR Toning icon (it looks like a sun with a mountain).

In the HDR Toning dialog box, select a preset from the Preset drop-down menu. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as Vivid, Rich Contrast, Soft, and more.

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In other words, Adjust the Strength slider to control the intensity of the effect. You can also adjust other settings, such as Saturation and Lightness, to fine-tune the look of your photo.

Click OK to apply the preset and close the dialog box.

You can further refine the editing by using other tools in Photoshop, such as Curves, Levels, and Color Balance.

Save your edited photo in your preferred format (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF).

Using presets is a quick and easy way to achieve an HDR look in your photos, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings and adjustments to create your unique style!

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