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High-End-Skin Retouching

High End Retouching Photoshop

High End Retouching Photoshop. Professional Skin Retouching

We’re going to learn an advanced technique for flawless skin retouching, sculpting, and skin softening in Adobe Photoshop! Combining the power of frequency separation with manual sampling and painting, learn how to recreate and sculpt skin to maintain beautiful skin texture in today’s Photoshop tutorial of mine.

Today I will show you, How to smooth and skin-retouch professional model portrait photos. I will present the work of high-end skin retouching to you in a very simple way.

High End Retouching Photoshop
High-End-Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial

Using this technique of mine, you can not only achieve smooth skin but also control the natural way to remove wrinkles, lift cheekbones, and reform the entire structure of the skin while still keeping the skin texture intact.

My method is an all-in-one method whether you want to soften the skin or just generally repair specific areas or discoloration. You can do it any way you want.

How to High-End Skin Retouching,

Remove Blemishes From Face
Remove Blemishes From the Face

Firstly, we will select the original image layer and unlock it. Then drag the layer and drop it on the New Layer icon to create a duplicate layer. Then I will name the duplicate layer Remove Blemishes From Face.

Remove Blemishes
Layer Panels

Then I will name the duplicate layer Remove Blemishes From Face.

High End Skin Retouching
Create a Duplicate Layer

Now we will select the spot healing brush tool from the Photoshop toolbar to remove the blemishes. Right-click on the Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop toolbar and it will show many brushes. From there, select the Spot Healing Brush tool.

Spot Healing Brush Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool (Toolbar)

Similarly, Now we will hold the Alt key from the keyboard and click on the fresh area of the face to take the sample. Then I put the sample on the blemishes.

Neural Filter Photoshop Plugin,

High End Skin Retouching
Neural Filter Plugin

Firstly, In this way, we will remove the blemishes from the face gradually. Then go to the filter menu and open The Neural Filters Photoshop Plugin.

High End Skin Retouching
Neural Filter Plugin

Secondly, We will smooth and retouch the model face using the Neural Filter Photoshop plugin. Then we will open it in a new layer.

High End Skin Retouching
Camera Raw Filter 15.5

However, Now we will open the Adobe camera raw filter from the filter menu.

High End Skin Retouching
Adobe Camera Raw Filter Interface

Then change the basic setting and do the color correction.

Finally, we will do the rest of the color correction using levels, curves, selective colors, and color lookup from the adjustment layer.

High End Skin Retouching
Original Portrait – After Editing High-End Skin Retouching

Therefore, Color correction should be done very carefully because after smoothing the skin if color correction is not done beautifully, it will not look natural. Ok, guys today this is the topic that will be seen in the next tutorial. Thank you.

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