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Passport Size Photo in Adobe Photoshop 2024

Passport Size Photo in Adobe Photoshop 2024

Passport Size Photo in Adobe Photoshop 2024,

Therefore, Creating a passport-size photo in Photoshop involves several steps to ensure it meets the required specifications.  In other words, Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a passport-size photo:


  • Passport photo dimensions: However, Typically, 2×2 inches (51×51 mm) or as specified by the country.
  • Resolution: For instance, 300 pixels per inch (PPI) is standard.
Passport Size Photo in Adobe Photoshop 2024


Above allOpen Photoshop:

  • In addition, Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

After that, Create a New Document:

  1. Go to File > New.
  2. Set the dimensions to 2×2 inches (or as required).
  3. Set the resolution to 300 PPI.
  4. Set the background contents to white.
  5. Click Create.

SimilarlyImport the Photo:

  1. Open the image you want to use for the passport photo.
  2. Go to File > Open and select your image.

ThereforeCrop the Photo:

  1. In other words, Select the Crop Tool from the toolbar.
  2. However, Set the aspect ratio to 1:1 (square) to match the required dimensions.
  3. For instance, Crop the photo to include the head and shoulders, with the face-centered.
Passport Size Photo in Adobe Photoshop 2024

Resize the Photo:

  1. Go to Image > Image Size.
  2. Ensure the width and height are both set to 2 inches.
  3. Make sure the resolution is set to 300 PPI.
  4. Click OK.

Above allAdjust the Background (if necessary):

  1. If the background is not plain or does not meet the requirements, you can use the Quick Selection Tool or Magic Wand Tool to select the background and fill it with a plain white color.
  2. You can also use the Select and Mask feature to refine the edges.

Adjust Color and Lighting:

  1. Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast to ensure the lighting is appropriate.
  2. Adjust the Brightness and Contrast sliders as needed.
  3. Use Image > Adjustments > Levels or Curves for more precise adjustments.

Save the Photo:

  1. Go to File > Save As.
  2. Choose JPEG as the file format for general use or as specified by the requirements.
  3. Ensure the quality is set to maximum.
  4. Click Save.

Print the Photo:

  1. Print the photo using a high-quality photo printer if you need physical copies.
  2. Ensure the printer settings are set to the highest quality and the paper size matches the dimensions of the passport photo.
How to create a passport size photo in adobe photoshop


  1. Check Specific Requirements: Different countries have specific requirements for passport photos (e.g., background color, head size, etc.). Always check the official guidelines.
  2. Avoid Shadows: Ensure the photo is taken well-lit to avoid shadows on the face or background.
  3. Neutral Expression: Maintain a neutral expression with eyes open and mouth closed.

These steps will help you create a professional-looking passport-size photo that meets official requirements.

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